What's in a book?

Pagan Books 
Recommended list

1.          Sexy Witch  
             Author: LaSara FireFox

2. Ascension Magick
Author: Christopher Penczak

3. Essential Asatru 
By: Diana L. Paxson


4. Complete Book of Witchcraft
By: Raymond Buckland

Shadowstorm Paranormal Romance List
1. Goddess of Love 
By: P.C. Cast

2. The Fallen: Raziel
By: Kristina Douglas

3. Navarro's Promise
by: Lora Leigh

4. Master of Smoke
By: Angela Knight

5. Knights of the Round table- Lancelot
By: Gwen Rowley

6. Love in the Time of Dragons: 
    A Novel of the the Light Dragons
    By: Katie Macalister

 7. Lover Unleashed (Black Dagger Brotherhood series)
  By: J.R. Ward

8. If He's Dangerous(Highlander Series)
 By: Hannah Howell

Unsigned Authors:

93/696 Blessed Beast,
I am a writer currently searching for a publisher. But I was not 
always been just a writer. I have played Folk Irish and Bluegrass Music 
on the 5 String Banjo and other stringed instruments for a long time. I 
also have raised a family on both coasts as well as down here in Dixie 
where I was born. I spent a long time working in the field of Computer 
Technology from building or repairing systems through Computer security. 
I own and maintain a large literary Website called 'Bran's Island' 
featuring Free Books, Arte, and Poetry. At my Island 
www.donaldcorrell.com/ you will find Imaginative Writing from 
Humble Folklore Origins to the Golden Age of Fantasy and Science Fiction 
with a long lingering excursion through Gothic Horror. I have been 
involved in various Occult groups since the sixties. My first experience 
with Wicca was taking a short course of training with Y Tylwyth Teg. 
Then I joined the OTO in California where I was very close with Grady 
McMurtry, who elevated me to Bishop. I participated in the founding of 
the OTO Senate and Electoral College. In addition to my Lodge activities 
I was no stranger to Wicca having gotten a White and a Red cords from 
the late Lady Chandria of NROOGD fame at El Sobrante, California during 
the 80's I relocated from the SF Bay Area briefly to the Northern 
Pacific States of Washingtom and Oregon before returning to Berkeley for 
a number of additional years before retreating from active occult life 
to move to Georgia and support my family by working in the Electronics 
Industry throughout the Nineties. I rejoined OTO with a short lived 
Camp here in Braselton during the late Nineties. Energy level was high. 
We built a Temple where we performed regular Initiations as well as 
performing the Gnostic Mass. During this period we produced two complete 
sets of the Rites of Eleusis before going Super Nova. The first decade 
of 2000's brought deep, dark, disaster commencing with 911 which did not 
terminate until my wife of 25 years died. I was shattered. Since that 
time I have been undergoing a long period of healing and recuperation. 
In recent years I joined the Horus Maat Cyber Lodge where I am an 
Administrator and an Elder. Much of our work involves raising ecological 
conciousness to save the planet as well as Bhudda Compassion for 
suffering humanity. In recent years I have returned to work with the 
OTO. Dove & Serpent Oasis in Atl as a Senior Advisor. Throughout a long 
period from the nineties on I have been involved part time with Sandie 
Fee and Heart Coven here in Jackson County, which has strong links to 
Avalon Isle and the New Age Communities in and around the area of Cosby, 
Tn. I have considered relocating but due to my lack of good health as 
well as the bad economy I have been majorly confined to my home about 55 
miles North of Atl. If I do relocate I am strongly considering Western 
North Carolina. If you draw a line straight North from my Braselton home 
for about one hundred miles you will find my target area in the 
beautiful valley of the Little Tennessee River North of the Murphy 
/Franklin Area. Currently I and my son are rebuilding my home and 
cleaning up my small acreage where I have both indoor as well as outdoor 
Temple space. Sad to saywhat once was country with the sound of cattle 
lowing has become X Urban. Now we find ourselves surrounded by 'Half 
Backs' in the reddesr part of the Red State. It is my dream to find a 
community of like minded people who combine the best of Tribal Fusion, 
and Communal Homesteading with Modern Solar and Wind Generation of 
Energy for a balanced well regulated clean environment. A community who 
want to save the planet for our grandchildren. Sometimes I take on 
students in Magick, if they are willing to work. I never charge for my 
services but rather instead work upon the principles of Karma Yoga for 
sharing and passing on the current. I have over forty years of 
experience to share. I am a fun loving person with a lot of friends, 
scattered all over the Occult World. I have written numerous short 
stories and a novella dealing with Horror and Science Fiction subjects. 
I am currently involved with writing several books. Most notably The 
Road to Great Cthulhu which takes up the subject of the Cthulhu Mythos 
and the Magickal Multiverse. I am also writing a second book about the 
Horus Kings of Memphis and Predynastic Egypt. Other favorite topics are 
the sixties and the Hippy Revolution or how we got here today. I will be 
a guest speaker at the upcoming illumination Expo 2011 at Atlantis 
Freethought Hall Wednesday 14 through September 24th. Amodali will be 
performing live on Wednesday with an art exhibit, poetry readings and 
presentations on the expression of your own inner illumination, as well 
as a short film screening and presentations on Gnosticism, healing, 
Drugs and Buddhism Friday and Saturday the 23 and the 24th of September.

                                                        Shadowstorm Norwicca


The Sisterhood of Darkness series Book 1 Forbidden Fruit
By: Shadowstorm Norwicca