I Put A Spell On You

Marna Aurora

                                             NEW MOON SPELL

Working with the moon is a big thing for us witches and with the moon

phases and cycle its best to keep with her correspondence,A basic look

at the moons phase can help you pick and choose your spells that you

want to work on.

Looking at the new or the void moon the phase which is when we can not

see the moon as the moon comes in-between the Sun and the Earth and

because we do not see her not many people take such notice of her

absence This is a powerful time in its own right when the power of

goddess rules over a good time, for reflection meditation rest and

peace/or put old projects to rest.Cord cutting Spells are effective also

at this time.This is the time to put these spells into workings.

It is great if you can get access to do your working out side under the

night sky if not then you can do your spells by the window and work by

dim or candle light in your home.

Keep in mind to be Candle safe!

                                          Peace & Calm Spell

Spell for peace and Calm

This spell is great for after a fight or a stress-full day as well...You can also do this on the New Moon ..
Things you will need are...
2 white candles for calm peace and purity.
a symbol of a peace sign or you can draw one on white paper. 
a few joss or incense sticks of Sandalwood a well known Calming herb.
A Crystal of Clear Quartz/Blue lace agate/Angelite and Aventurine.
Try before you light the candles sit in the darkness or dim light and
simply be one with the darkness and relax as much as you can.
Light the candles and arrange the crystals around you one behind, one
before and the other two,one at each side of you.Light your incense

stick.Take a few deep breaths and be still and calm.Then draw your peace
symbol or hold it in your hands and close your eyes.Image peace & calm,Wash over you gently. Repeat the chant three times sit till the candles go out and/or the incense stick.
Chant the following:
‘Darkness of the moon absent form my view.
Shower me in peace on this night.
Heal the fights,bring me the calm.
Like the gentleness of a soft wave over my heart.
Mend the hurt and Clear away the tears.
Bring peace into my life,Show me the light of calmness.’
Then gather the crystals and carry them on you for a few