Candles, Incense, & Stones for the week

September 9,2011 - Purple  

Purple can be used for: 
Spirituality,Wisdom, Intuition,Artistic, Mastery, Creativity, Psychic Power Commanding

September 10,2011- Brown

Brown can be used for:
Earth,Animals, & Grounding

September 11,2011-Yellow

Yellow can be used for :
Clairvoyance, Communication, Success, Achievement, Goals, Purification

September 12, 2011- Gray

Gray can be used for:
Neutral color that removes negativity, Removal of negative influences, Helps develop Psychic abilities, Attracts the influence of the Goddess

September 13,2011-Black

Black is used for:
Absorbs negative energy, Crossing, Cursing, Money

September 14,2011-White

White is used for:
Clarity, Protection, Emotional Healing, Nurturing, Calming(can be a substitute for other colors)

September 15,2011-Purple

September 16,2011-Pink

Pink is used for:
Happiness,Self-love, Esteem, Love

Incense of the week 

Queen of Night

Stone of the week

Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye is used for:
Patience, Focus, Determination, Honesty