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Pagan Business Spotlight North Carolina

A Place of my Own
I remember when I first started down my path, I found a shop called Silver Stars very close to my home, and I was in heaven. I went there maybe three times total but found there was a wealth of information and warmth. I remember having the feeling I was home. Unfortunately the shop closed not long after and I went in search for another. Let me fast forward a few years and I met the lady who own Silver Stars, Debra, it was like we had known each other for years. We decided to open the shop again and the rest as they say is history. She had family obligations and she gave her half of the shop to my daughter. I felt driven to keep the shop open, in my mind there had to be a shop; there had to be a place for pagans new and practiced to come for their ritual and spell crafting needs. One with no hidden motive, no purpose other than to help and supply. My responsibility is to all the pagans no matter their choice of path, whether they are solitary or coven members, to help them find answers. Knowledge can be a very dangerous thing, too little and something important can be over looked, too much and it may become overwhelming. My job is to make sure that every one who comes into my shop finds the answers they are looking for. I do not have all the answers, heck I am still learning myself after 11 years, but I know how to learn and I know how to read; on top of all that I also know that if I don’t know it and can not find it someone else can. I have no problem sending people to someone I know can help them. The  bottom line is, if someone is in need of help or information, that comes first. Ego has no place in my shop, but I am very proud of Silver Stars; I have worked very hard to keep it open. I also work hard to keep it a calm, inviting and a clean place, a home. I will always support other pagan shops; this can only help us all.
We have so much working against us already we really don’t need to fight among ourselves. That being said I could not in good faith support a shop that was knowingly causing harm to our community. If we all work together things can only get better for all of us.These shops have a very important role to play in the lives of every person that walks through its doors. For some this will be their first venture into the pagan spiritual path, they have more than likely been given some really awful information or views on all of this. It is the shop owner’s job to put them at ease and to clear up misconceptions, and to inform. One mind changed or opened will lead to understanding between all religions, or at least acceptance.
My name is Rachael and I am a Pagan Witch and I am the owner of Silver Stars Blessed Be.


                                                                     SILVER SISTERS COTTAGE

Merry Meet and Blessings,

My name is Tracy Bonner and I have two flea market Pagan stores. One is called “Silver Sisters Cottage” which in the Fayetteville, NC (Raeford Rd Flea Market). I opened this store back in 2009 with two other Sisters. We had been talking about it for awhile, you know a dream we had. Well the opportunity struck and we took it. Our main goal is to serve the Pagan community the best we can. I believe we have been accomplishing that goal. Few the years we try to give back to the community as a whole, we donated bracelets and necklaces to the cancer children at two different hospitals, also got involved with “adopt an elder” at a nursing home in Cherokee,NC for two Yules to provide presents and serve the patients Yule supper. We will also be participating in the Raleigh, NC Pagan Pride Day Sept 17-18 as well as the Charlotte/Piedmont NC Sept 24 this year.

I am retired from the Army and tried working a 9-5 job for almost two years, but it just wasn't what I wanted. I wanted to go to work for myself and do something I care about and will have fun at. I got my Business Administration Degree during the week while running the shop on the weekend. However running any kind of business even a flea market store is not so easy. It does take hard work and especially trying to figure out what people really want out of your store. I focus on positive energies and try to provide products that accommodate the Pagan community. It is very eclectic so there is something for everyone. If I don't have it special orders are made to find it.

Now just this year (2011) we opened another store in Spring Lake, NC (Spring Lake Flea Market). It is a smaller store but we have hope for this one to grow as the Silver Sisters Cottage did. We named this “White Owl's Hollow”. Which is a very quaint little store. These stores are ran by Witches and we all volunteer for running the shops. Plus by this time we had gained another Sister at the end of the previous year, so now we stand as the Sisters Four. We all put our time and sweat, sometimes tears into these stores. Its strength and devotion to the customers that keeps us going and striving to do better. Customer service satisfaction is another one of our goals and we always try to leave an impression on the customer so they'll want to return.

Merry Part
Blessed Be
Tracy Bonner