08 September 2011

Shadowstorm's Corner

Wassail everyone welcome to Shadow Realm E-Magazine. This is the first issue of many and do hope you come back too read other issues. Let me introduce myself for those of you who don't know me. I am known by Shadowstorm and I am a Norwiccan. I know it sounds very odd that I say I am a Norwiccan. Please let me explain why I call myself a Norwiccan. See I follow the path of the Norse and a Wiccan Witch, Okay I already know it goes against all rules too mix Norse and Wicca. I am a Norse Witch and I do follow Norse Magic, but here is the thing I also follow Wiccan magick, How do you say? I saw that as I was studying Norse Magick it also coincides with Wiccan Magick. Sounds weird I know but I have never been one too be the norm or status quo, With that being said I hope you enjoy and learn from others. Whether you are a Pagan, Christian, Athetist, etc., I want you too set back and enjoy.

Shadowstorm Norwicca
Blessed Be )o(