Gothic isn't scary It's a Lifestyle

Why Goth? I say why not...
Shadowstorm Norwicca



There is a lifestyle for everyone and sometimes it has nothing too do with sexuality. It is just a state of mind. Today's society is so wrapped around having Christianity at the fore front for everything. It doesn't matter what the hell you do it is shoved down your throat. Now don't get me wrong ever religion has its bad seeds but there are too many holy rollers when it comes too a person personality, the way they dress, or if they like piercings , tattoos, or whatever. The sad part is no bothers to ask "Are you happy the way you are?" of course not. Some people could give two shits and a cracker if you were. They only see the outside and never get to know the person on the inside. Sad but true. Now I know I have judge some people because of there outward appearance but when I gotten too know them, they were the coolest people ever. That is what this section of the magazine is about, people who step out the shadows and are happy with themselves. So let's meet some right now, shall we.

                                                                  SAPHIRE RAINFOREST

I'm 19, I live in Maryland, and I just starting modeling about a month ago. My model name is Saphire Rainforest, is where my portfolio is and I'm always adding to it. I'm an Alternative Model looking to model Goth, Punk, Lolita, Tribal, cyber, cosplay, etc fashions but I'm always open to much more. I'm an aspiring fashion designer currently in school seeking my degree.I am I inspired by life, fantesy,  Victorian, medieval, Greek, and so many things. I see the beauty in places, objects, and people that most over look. My hobbies include sewing, knitting, drawing, painting, playing with my hair and makeup, and hanging out with friends and family and enjoying life.

                                                                       Lindsey Bush

I am an experienced model and even though i am on  the big side i would love to pose for a modern day Gothic photo shoot.


My name is Jessica Munro-Smith, but many prefer Jesi. I am twenty years old, and live near Toronto, Canada. I recently graduated college, majoring in Early Childhood Education. I have been pagan for 8 years and am a new dedicant. My goal on my path is to serve the deities and have the honour and pleasure of becoming a High Priestess. My matron is Hekate, and I follow closely the Goddesses of Night.
In my spare time I write music and short horror novels. I look up to people that are out of the ordinary, such as Tim Burton, Helena Bonham Carter, and the band Black Veil Brides. I firmly believe that people should be happy with who they are, and not submit themselves to pretending to be someone they are not. I pride myself in looking the way I want to, without the care of others who may think of it as bad. I do not drink, do drugs, and make the effort to do as many good deeds a day, because I believe in karma. I hope to make a difference in the world.